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Haptic Synapses live at SubZERO 2016

Derek and Charles rocked a great set at this year’s SubZERO festival!   Check out this amazing video produced by Danny Kim!  Thanks so much, Danny and crew!!

Haptic Synapses live at Binary 03 @ SubZERO 2016 from Danny Kim on Vimeo.

Next year I’ll try not to schedule my out of town vacation during the same weekend as subzero 🙂 -steve

Haptic Synapses live at Binary Society 01

Earlier this year we participated in a really awesome series of events in the south SF bay area called Binary Society!  Danny Kim, the creator of this set of events, has been a fantastic force who has brought many many new people into the fold, and for that I’m eternally grateful.  Check out this awesome video, too:

Binary Society 01: Haptic Synapses from Danny Kim on Vimeo.

Haptic Synapses Live at GLOW 2015

It’s been a year of transitions for me (steve) and our show calendar has been light so far this year.  We played at SubZERO 2015, and it was awesome, and we were also asked back to Santa Cruz MAH’s GLOW festival.  I have a bit more mental bandwidth, so I was able to put together a couple of videos compiling the various video and audio recordings we took of the event.  This video in particular is the second set of our performance.  There’s a video of the first hour out there… this is the better set, imho.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Once again, Santa Cruz showed us a ton of support and appreciation for what we’re trying to do, and we had an amazingly fun time.  The Museum of Art and History has some serious mojo going on, and they should be a model for community arts organizations to emulate.  You’d be incredibly lucky to replicate what they’re doing.  Anyway, check them out if you’re in the santa cruz area!

Haptic Synapses Live at the SubZERO Festival 2014

We finally have some music processed to sell. :) Check out some highlights from a recent 4.5 hour long set. Photo credit: freddie vega

Haptic Synapses Live during #C2SV 2013 at Works/San José

We had a fun time playing at Works/San José on september 28th during #C2SV’s first year. Here’s a photo Steve took of Derek and Charles.

We played for 3 straight hours, but here are some clips of our performance:

Haptic Synapses live at Empire Seven Studios, June 26 2013

We were lucky enough to be invited to play at the SF Design Week in Silicon Valley event at Joe Miller’s solo show “Mass Produced Original Thought” at Empire Seven Studios. It was an amazing body of thought provoking art, and I’m really glad to say we had a great session and everyone was really happy with how it went.

Photo by Natacha Madrigal

Photo by Joe Miller

Haptic Synapses Live at SLAP!!!

February 7th, 2013. Johnny V’s San Jose, CA. Thanks to eom sessions and SLAP!

Haptic Synapses Live at SLAP!!!

February 7th, 2013. Johnny V’s San Jose, CA. Thanks to eom sessions and SLAP!


Haptic synapses live at Intueri 2012

Haptic Synapses and Antacid Crew at boing boing boing boing 2012

We had a great time playing with Mark and Kyle of Antacid Crew! Always a blast! Thanks to Nexus for the invite, it was a great party with great people. :D


Haptic Synapses live at 2011 SubZERO Festival — video

Well it was a long fun night. We had technical problems and came up with great solutions. It was great, and I hope we get to do it again next year. Here’s an hour long video of us playing. Sorry for the lack of light. You get an idea of what was going on, though. It’s available in 720p… and the sound is better at that resolution.


20 minute HD clip of haptic synapses playing live at south bay music swap

Here’s us playing at the south bay music swap event in may 2011… I had a lot more footage, but this clip has all three of us in it, so I figured it would be cool to post. I shot it with my gopro hd hero, hence the exxxttrrreeeeme wide angle. Enjoy!

This clip goes on up to 720p… :) youtube has smiled upon me, so I can upload looooonger movies.


Haptic Synapses live at WORKS/San Jose 2011-05-06

Wow, we had a blast playing at WORKS’ new location on 365 Market street, downtown san jose last night!! We were joined by a talented group of painters and a huuuge crowd. It was awesome. There’s some photos and video coming later… but for now, here’s the audio:

Haptic Synapses live at Works/san jose 2011-05-06


Haptic Synapses live at South Bay Music Swap, may 2011

We were invited to play at the South Bay Music Swap and had a great time yesterday!! Here’s the audio:

haptic synapses live at south bay music swap may 1, 2011

hapticsynapses_liveatsouthbaymusicswap hapticsynapsesatwork_liveatsouthbaymusicswap_2011 qorser_liveatsouthbaymusicswap2011 stevecooley_liveatsouthbaymusicswap_2011 therhythmist_liveatsouthbaymusicswap_2011


Haptic Synapses live on the Eclektronik Groove

A couple of weeks ago we played on KZSU’s Eklectronik Groove. Huge thanks to Holt Sorenson for setting us up and hosting us!

Here’s the whole set:
Haptic Synapses live on the Eclektronik Groove, KZSU Stanford 90.1