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I helped kickstart Full Spectrum Laser’s 5th gen 20×12 hobby deluxe laser last year. They delivered the laser, and I tried and failed really quickly at building my own fume extractor.  I bit the bullet and purchased an industrial strength fume extractor, and now I can use the laser without polluting the air. Yay!  So: game on!

Cuts so nice you gotta hear it twice.
ideas taking flight
hard to see cousin

My head is overflowing with new ideas that feed off these initial tests. All very exciting!

Don’t Use IDs as CSS Selectors – find out here

I made a graph that helped me figure out if I can use IDs as CSS selectors.  One side of the argument is “NO NEVER” and the other is “Well, it depends.”   I obviously don’t spend any time working on CSS for fun. You only need look at the website you are on now to see this fact.  For fun, I make things, and  for work I also know how to make some level of html/CSS/javascript/php/mysql.  So this concept hit me as being novel today. But, wait… does anyone care?  Then this graph entered my mind.  I’m pretty sure it’s right. Maybe not.



The bottom axis is number of css designers affected by using IDs as CSS selectors, starting with a value of “nobody” on the left and “everybody” on the right.

The left axis is the number of pages using the stylesheet in question, starting with a value of “zero” with “greater than zero” in the middle and “infinity” at the top.

The trend line in the graph is linearly up and to the right.

Now you just need to figure out where you are on that graph.  To me it seems like the more pages you have, the more designers will be affected by the choices made about the strategy.  Certainly no strategy with even zero designers can lead to awful no-fun times to change the layout of a page… but if designers=0, do I really need to have all this strategy for a site that only has a handful of pages?  I’m really not so sure.   Ok, I’ll think about it.  Classes for styling, IDs for javascript. Ok, maybe. Maybe I should do this, moving forward. Hmm. I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.