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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30

  • Playing a short live set on our #beatseqr setup at #makerfaire in 2 minutes #
  • Hope you are coming out to #makerfaire today! We're in the same hall as the tesla coils, but in one of the side rooms. #beatseqr #
  • Hey, smooth-on is at #makerfaire and I just found a casting silicone with a better firmness rating #beatseqr #
  • 6:42 pm Sunday. Done! Awesome #makerfaire see ya next year!! #
  • It's Saturday, right? What? Doh!! #
  • New post: blacktoe cnc usage: silicone casting mold ( #
  • yesterday my brain started cataloging all of the famous people I've been in close proximity to. Turns out to be kind of a lot. #
  • I wonder if google's new ssl encrypted search protects you from google snooping on you? #
  • Oligarchy on parade. Alright, well, except for xtina. #
  • Really? whole crews of people 100+ miles out into space, but we can't put anyone 5000 feet down into the gulf of mexico? #boggledmind #
  • Determining the flow rate of the blown well cap is pretty easy. Seize it and re-run in a test env. with known quantities. Then do the math. #

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‘Destination Mars’ release by Deadly Venomz

Comin’ hardcore with sounds from another planet, Deadly Venomz presents us with the ‘Destination Mars’ release. He’s no newcomer to the scene though. The man behind this music, Mattski, is a local veteran in the San Francisco Bay Area with many years of DJ’ing and production under his belt. He always brings the sonic mayhem when it comes to Techno, and these four tracks do exactly that. So put your spacesuit on, step into the airlock and prepare for a sonic onslaught from out of this world.

Artwork by SK70-Mattski


Complete release in a .zip


CLR podcast 058 | Pfirter

Price Updates

I have beatseqr v3.1 unassembled kits available. The assembly is pretty straight forward, with only a couple of weird things you’ll need to do to undo some of the issues I’m reworking for the next version, whenever that ends up being. This version works, and aside from some slightly inconvenient assembly steps, it’s relatively easy work.

Fully built and battle tested with hard acrylic keys, acrylic case & knobs, $349
Kit with arduino mega, $249
Kit with NO arduino mega, $199

kit prices do not include buttons, case, knobs, or cables. contact for more info.

new v3 overview video

Derek made a great new overview video for our Maker Faire booth, check it out:

blacktoe cnc usage: silicone casting mold

alrighty, then.. so I’m starting to get my bearings with how all the software works to run jobs through the blacktoe CNC router. I switched from cambam over to sheetcam and now I’m getting really good results. There’s still a certain amount of strangeness, probably all my fault, so I’m still learning what works and what doesn’t. Here’s a video I did to show how the blacktoe does with machinable wax:

The end result is a mold to use for casting translucent silicone into for use in my beatseqr project, as a replacement for the hand-cut-and-sanded acrylic buttons that I’m currently using. You never know how an experiment will really go until it’s over, and now that this experiment is over, I’ve learned a lot and will make a bunch of adjustments:

1. change the silicone product from tap plastics platinum cure translucent (way too wobbly for this application) to smooth-on sorta clear 40. I saw this product at the Maker Faire this past weekend and really liked the firm quality of the cured product. I think it will be a really good candidate. Smooth-on dragon skin 30 was my second-best candidate.
2. cut a new button mold using the techniques I’ve learned by doing this one.
3. adjust the height of the button to be not as tall as this test.
4. adjust the flashing surrounding the buttons to be not nearly as tall. I had it set to be 0.1″ tall, and that’s probably 0.08″ too much. all I need is for it to basically be thick enough to keep all of the buttons together, and that’s it.
5. think about how to diffuse the LED light going into the button… this new silicone is water-clear… so … I’ll need a way to adjust that quality so it looks good. maybe just a sheet of paper under the silicone flashing… we’ll see how that goes.

So… progress continues. I’ll post the result of the next prototype when it’s done.

maker faire bay area 2010: thank you!

I’m at home, and I’ve had dinner, and I’m… exhausted! :) We had such a great time showing off Beatseqr to hundreds of people this weekend! Thank you so much for coming and checking it out! I have some video coming soon to recap the reception beatseqr got…… soon. Maybe in a couple of days. :) I’m pretty tired. Saturday was a 13 hour show day, and sunday was 11 hours, so… I’m going to go get to bed early tonight and sleep very very well, I think!

Anyway, if you want to get in touch with me, send email to

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

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silicone keypad prototype!

I’m not sure yet if this is the right thing to do or not. But, that’s what all good science is built on: experiments. That clear silicone is awesome!

Haptic Synapses Upcoming: SubZER0 2010

Last friday night, we played at 1015 Folsom, opening for Joey Beltram. It was pretty friggen’ out of control if I do say so myself. MJ Gamez got some really awesome photos of the event… here’s a great one of us playing:

photo credit: MJ Gamez

So, that leads me to remind you that we’re headlining at South First Billiards during South First Friday, June 4th 2010. We’ll be playing from 12:00am to 1:30am, and there are a bunch of great musicians and crazy-awesome artists doing their thing as well. Outside of the billiards place is the SubZER0 festival, which is something you just have to see to believe. There’s going to be a whole gangload of interesting art+technology exhibits for you to see, experience, and interact with, so come check it out!


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-16

  • Half way there with my 625 LEDs. Oof. Hoping to demo beatseqr controlling visuals at #makerfaire #peggy2 #emsl #
  • every time I see that red adobe software updater icon bouncing in my dock, I want to fire a missile at it. #
  • Fascinating. What happened to's iPad app? No longer available. #
  • A laser it ain't, but it's a start. CNC Test cut of the beatseqr v3.1 top panel in plywood. #
  • 8 websites you need to stop building (via @Oatmeal) #
  • omfg, I just got my RGBW Peggy2 finished and started uploading sketches to it. Fuuuuuhhhhhh…. This was a good decision. #emsl #
  • rt @Onibatsu coast destroying spill going on and I have to get an oil change… Wish cars ran on evil instead, an unlimited supply. #
  • Do ya like TECHNO? Me and my band Haptic Synapses are playing this friday night in San Francisco – 10pm #
  • hee hee… just got asked by the sound guy if I'm Mr. Beltram. Nope! Thx for asking :) #
  • I don't mind telling you, our set tonight was out of control. And not recorded. :( boo hoo. Oh well :) #
  • Joey beltram!!! #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-09

  • I don't want to get ahead of myself, but maaan, I want a cad/cam app for my iPad. Toolpaths and gcode… Painful on windows. #
  • About a week into iPad ownership makes my iPhone feel tiny! :) but they all fit into my personal workflow. Enjoying it a lot. #
  • I gotta admit, the ielectribe app is fun. A pretty good mix of features and constraints. Rebirth, however, sounds like 5-1/2 bits to me. #
  • defsf live on the eclektronik groove. more infos at (via @hsomusic) #
  • ok, so what I said about reason on the iphone sounding like 5-1/2 bits… sounds fine on the ipad, so. Nevermind. #
  • REBIRTH, I meant rebirth. Haha. Can you imagine, reason on the iphone? Jeesh. #
  • RT @make: Collin's Lab: Awesomely simple DIY iPad Stylus /via @donald (via @nokapixel) #
  • Beatseqr v3.1 circuit boards arrived! Spent the evening stuffing one, so that makes it beatseqr number 7… #
  • Woot: Beatseqr 3.1 circuit board is defect free! Number 7 is alive! #
  • #beatseqr number 7 assembled and operational in its natural environment: the dark. #
  • I got the easy part of my Peggy2 soldered up in 2 hours. I wonder how long the next 1250 pins are going to take… :) #emsl #

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FUNKY Mr. wiggles, via Simfonik, via dj mojo

FUNKY Mr. wiggles, via Simfonik, via dj mojo

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02

  • anachronistically, I have a phil collins track stuck in my head. Thanks, Safeway. #supermarketbrainrot #
  • Just bought the diamond age by Neal Stephenson for kindle on my iPad. Welcome to the future, folks! #
  • I finally have enough of my own music to DJ for a whole hour with! If you like hard tech, tune in wednesday night: #
  • FontStruct 2 (via @FontStruct) rotation, flipping, brick stacking, awesome! #
  • Just saw a car with lic. Plate eneagrm" #
  • Check this video out — DEADLY VENOMZ (mattski) – MARS #
  • New Belgium ranger ipa … You are a fine fine brew. #
  • New! The Strangest Dream – Steve Cooley on Electronic Generation on #SoundCloud #
  • Wow, we caught a 3 episode preview of Party Down … hilarious! #

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