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multiple OSC receivers in quartz composer on the same port

Vibeke B has a great solution to multicasting OSC from external data sources to multiple OSC receivers inside QC:

Sending OSC to multiple OSC receivers on the same port

Yea thanx for helping me. I think it solved my problem actually. I don’t think I can send OSC messages from another app (modul8) to QC on ip It might intentionally only be working inside the QC environment. At least I could not get that working.

But I found a way around it like this:

I send a msg from Modul8:

Modul8 ip port 9000 -> QC OSC receiver on port 9000 (one comp receives this)

This message is only received by one OSC receiver even if the receiver is in every one of my QC comps (as we found out earlier). I then put a small osc rerouter in every comp. Whenever a message is received on i put it into a sender that resends it on ip 0.0.0.

QC port 9001 -> QC receiver on port 9001 (all comps receive this)

Then because the message is sent from within QC on ip I get the desired result: All active QC comps receive the message.

Just too good not to repost… such an important piece of information if you’re doing anything with OSC inside quartz composer.

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