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Dear propellerhead software, regarding redrum and hardware controllers

Dear Ego stroke, love you, etc. Now then, here’s a bit of wish listing for you. Can you please add remote overrides for the redrum module’s step buttons?

Observe… here’s the redrum module. Notice the step buttons highlighted in red.


And here’s what the redrum module looks like in “remote override edit” mode. Notice the severe lack of blue arrow assignment indicators:


Here’s one of the newest members of the Reason family, Thor. It has, somewhat awesomely, a step sequencer built right in! Notice the step buttons highlighted in red:


And now we look at what Thor looks like in “remote override edit” mode. Notice a perplexing surplus of blue assignment arrow indicators on the step buttons. Wtf?


Ok, but now notice that there’s no way to attach the swing settings to Thor’s sequencer. Wtf again? A double Thor whammy. And hey, excellent work on Thor, overall. Awesome stuff. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. I like how the sequencer spits out CV. Really cool.

ok, so in theory, I could attach buttons from, say, a monome, to the step sequencer buttons on Thor, and use the CV out to control one channel on redrum. So I could, in theory, use 10 Thors to fully control step sequencing in redrum with a monome, but I lose all of my swing. Boohoo. :-( In fact, I’d be happy with this setup because I can easily assign buttons to specific drum sounds using the CV out from Thor. I just can’t in regular practice do this because I’ll lose swing, and honestly, swing is the most important feature to me. I can sequence beats all day long on any number of platforms, but none really nail swing and the simplicity of assigning samples to the various channels in redrum like you do.

While you’re at it, can you please re-add the voice selector to redrum like in rebirth’s 808 module?

Rebirth.Jpg (Jpeg Image, 628X399 Pixels)

Then i could use a slider and a button matrix to control rebirth. That would be ridiculously awesome. Or hey, make general step sequencer that spits out multiple CV channels. That’d work for me.

Love, your paying customer,

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Rosco version 2.0


Hey there, I’ve created a page for Rosco since I’ve revised it to version 2.0.

Rosco is an app that I’m working on that creates Open Sound Control (OSC) messages.  It can generate them with or without taking data readings from an Arduino.  Version 1 only had 6 sliders (one for each analog pin from the arduino), but now the new version includes being able to use 12 checkboxes (which correlate to pins 2-13 on an arduino).  I’ve revved the app, the quartz composer file, and the arduino code to all show examples how to get it going. Check it out!