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Hulu: edited content – lame!

Wow, it must be the future. I can embed The Blues Brothers movie into my weblog, free of charge. only has content that’s been edited for language!? LAME!! Oh well, this is still probably my most favorite movie of all time.

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DIY drum pad kick pedal

Diy Drum Kick Pedal

here are two ideas I’m working on for a DIY electronic drum kit kick pedal. I just looked yesterday at how much a “real” one would cost, and it’s $345!! Ha, I laugh in the face of this craziness. Mine will require a laptop for sound, but will cost a fraction of what a “real” set costs, and will arguably sound pretty awesome because I can use all kinds of onboard effects through garageband and/or Main Stage/Logic Pro.

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DJ’ing triangle of skills

This concept has been knocking around in my head for about 10 years. I don’t know why it took me so long to make a graphic for it.

Triangle Of Skills

Basically, the triangle of skills represents the three things you need to be doing if you want to be DJing properly.

* Beatmatching : if you’re not on beat, you’re going to drive everyone nuts with your trainwreck.
* Timing : If you come in at the wrong point of the outgoing song, even if on beat, it’s going to structurally sound weird.
* Selection : knowing what songs go together is definitely an equally important skill as the other two. Creating a flow of tracks that mesh together well is critical.

If you fall down on any one of these three skills, you fall down as a DJ.

This doesn’t even pertain to any particular style of music. Try it against your favorite style of music: Hip hop, drum and bass, house, techno, minimal, Reggae, dub, rocksteady, dancehall, or any of the other subgenres that have sprung from these main branches…
And I’m certainly no perfect DJ. I’m far from it. I just have an appreciation for people who rock all three skills at once. )

Share San Jose

Attention Peninsula, East, and South Bay electronic musicians!! Share San Jose has begun.

If you want to come join us to collaborate on improvisational electronic music and video, go join the mailing list and read up on what we’re all about.

First meetup is thursday, december 13th, 7pm-ish… so save the date and prepare to jam with us. )

imatrix / QR Codes on the iPhone

 So this QR code reading program showed up on appTapp’s Installer today.

Ok, I just realized that you have to go to the preferences for this application and turn OFF “capture only” for things to really start to work as designed. I think that setting is a debugging tool since this is still early days for this app.

Wait a second, didn’t I just see this the other day on the website under contributed libraries? … aha!

Ok, so I just tested this out. The QR Code library for processing can read the iMatrix codes, but iMatrix doesn’t seem to understand QR Codes, despite being incredibly similar. I’d even hazard a guess that the iMatrix code is a valid form of the QRCode… (obviously, since it works. :) )

So I guess the scheme here is to be a repository for iphone readable QRCodes? Since it doesn’t seem to want to read things like this:


Which you can generate here:

update: It’s fixed now, and that QR code works great!

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password for iphone voicemail

I had to get my iPhone replaced. It was delightfully simple, and I’m extremely pleased with the customer experience the Apple Store is providing.

However, my iphone was asking for a password to my voicemail. Here’s the list of advice people think it might be:

Your entire iphone number


Your last four digits of your iphone


Your iphone number minus the area code.


Try 111111. That’s the AT&T default



Log onto your AT&T account at

Click on “Phone/Device”.

Under Phone/Device Support, click on “Reset Voicemail Password”

Click “Submit”

Within a minute or so, you will receive a text message from AT&T with your new voicemail password.


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howto: guitar hero to guitar player

One of the first things many people say about guitar hero is “this is cool, but it would be so much better if it actually taught you how to play guitar.” Well, I think it’s sort of like algebra. You need to prepare your brain for increasingly complex tasks, and I think guitar hero does that for guitar playing the way algebra does for advanced math.

I’m hoping to put this to the real test soon. After beating 40/40 songs on the hard setting in guitar hero 2, I’ll be making the jump to a real guitar with the help of

My interest in playing guitar have not too much to do with the genres they’re focused on, but I’m hoping to get my head around the guitar with their tools so I’ll have enough experience to explore the genres I *am* interested in.

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New HUGE MP3 Release: Various Artists – ‘Resurgence’

It may seem to have been a little quiet here at DoBox lately, but actually we’ve been busy building up a massive release to please your eardrums. ‘Resurgence’ is our largest compilation yet and contains sonic gems by some of our local Techno heroes as well as long-time veterans from Chicago and other parts of the country. Serving up a healthy cross-section of the genre, this compilation is sure to satisfy many a Tech-head out there. Download and enjoy!

Plural - Combative Mind
Kamil P. aka The Influence - Detown Afterhourz
Arturo Garces - Last Night
James Hammer - Gain An Hour
Popkan - Jack The Bass
Qorser - No Justification
Juan Segovia - The Pest (I’m Never Camping With You Again Mix)
Steve Cooley - Goeseast
AEOD-Darkhappy - Sadness
Deadly Venomz - Read A Book
Jerome Baker - Universoul Guitar
Soundthru - Quenchy
DJ Developer - Runner 50
Ellery Cowles - SoulFul
Lester Fitzpatrick - Erica The Beautiful
El Gato #9 - Mercury In Retrograde
Snackmaster - Take 3
Omar Cabaleiro - Delta
Lady Blacktronika - Techno Jihad
The Rhythmist - Deepened
Kit Clayton - Shallow Water
Corey Rogers - Here Voices
Bangers & Nash - The Monk Effect