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1.1.1 iphone firmware update and apptapp

Now, I didn’t do anything stupid like try to unlock my phone, so that’s probably why I had absolutely no problem updating my AppTapp’d phone to firmware 1.1.1. The end result I got was a nice clean iphone, albeit without my extra software. I haven’t tried installing apptapp again. I feel like I was brave enough to update without hearing from anyone else how it was going to go down, so… I’ll let someone braver than myself try to reinstall apptapp. The iTunes music store interface is way cool.

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Arrested for wearing a breadboard

Legal defense donations for Star Simpson can be sent via paypal to stares [at] gmail . com. I’m asking you to please go give $20 or whatever you can. I just did. Fight the ignorance, a breadboard is not a bomb! LEDs are not explosives! Star Simpson should never have been arrested!

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New Music and Performance Night, September 2007

[steve] – I’m super excited to present to you this Wednesday Night, September 26th @ 8pm the following performances at Works/San Jose (451 s. First Street, San Jose CA 95113):

up first, electronic music from Chachi Jones

  • cnet senior editor for digital audio
  • Released two albums on the lunaticworks recording label
  • Will be performing some experimental sounds created from home made circuit bent instruments mixed with old school techno generated by vintage analog synthesizers

up second, spoken word performance from Joe Miller

  • Wednesday is his 46th birthday and 20th anniversary as designer for works (thanks Joe!!)
  • probably some adult content
  • performance involves projected imagery and fire? :)

up third, electronic music from QORSER

  • Prolific minimal house, techno, experimental electronic musician in the south bay
  • Internationally famous NetLabel musician out on:

Doors open at 7:30pm, strongly recommended donation of $5 for adults, $3 for students. No one turned away for lack of funds. Please give more if you can afford it, Works is in immediate jeopardy of losing our performance space. We need your help more than ever. Beer and Wine for 21 and up. Door proceeds go to the performers, bar proceeds go to help pay our insanely expensive rent, please BRING A FRIEND, and BUY TWO BEERS.

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Mudfoot on Youtube

Yeeeeeeeeah! DJ Mudfoot going back 10 years for some classics!

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Star Simpson legal defense fund

I don’t know if anyone else is as pissed off about what happened to Star Simpson today (actually, my coworker Tony is, he alerted me to this whole debacle), but I just want to say that I’m pledging $20 towards her legal defense fund. I don’t really know if she needs it or what, but I just can’t even believe how lame boston is about LED artwork. At best, she could have been asked to remove the “device” while in the airport. That might have infringed on her free speech, but if it’s between that and being arrested and accused of having a “hoax bomb”, I think we could make considerations to morons who can’t tell the difference between blinking LEDs and a whole bomb. BUT, since she’s been arrested, and wrongly accused to disorderly conduct, she now faces a legal battle.

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Setting up subversion server on Mac OS X

ZOMG, big thank you to Frank Pape for writing a functioning HOWTO on setting up Subversion Server on Mac OS X.

update: wow, subversion is… kind of hard to set up and get your head around without a live human to show you how. I think I’ll like time machine better than this when it’s out. This is just kind of unwieldy for web dev. Still, I’ll give it a shot. This is definitely a problem remembering what the latest and greatest code base is, so it’s worth at least trying it out to see how this can improve my situation. Now if only would respond to svnX’s will, I think this would be pretty cool… but.. it’s not right now. I’m sure it’s something wrong on my configuration.

update2: ok, yeah. I like subversion. Sleeping on it definitely cemented a few things in my brain for me. I’m sure I’ll discover a few things along the way, but this is definitely the right thing to do, and I think it will be easy enough to roll into a regular workflow.

update3: filemerge is working. Just needed to reboot the fruit.

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Treebones plein aire

R and I painted the awesome view from our campsite at Treebones over the last weekend. Check it out:

These are 5″x7″ acrylic on black gessoed canvas board.

Treebones R Low

Treebones S Low

and a photo (different time of the day, but.. you get the idea):
Img 2777 Low

New Logic Express 8

Apple has released Logic Express 8!

Flysketchworkflow-2007.09.12 12.40.50

Now with Ultrabeat and the ES2! WOOHOO!!!

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