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Joe Miller on why Works needs you

Joe Miller, amongst his other accolades, is a 20 year volunteer to Works/San José. He’s sent along some thoughts on what Works is, and why Works needs your help now.

Works/San José is truly your art and performance center. Works is the only arts organization in the South Bay where our community determines the content of exhibitions and performances. This open submissions process has made Works a welcoming art center where cross-cultural exhibitions, often featuring first-time exhibitors and curators, come naturally. Works is supportive of a broad spectrum of artists and artistic endeavors, with programs for kids in arts, teen assistants and advisors, curatorial workshops, and legal and technical workshops for advancement of artistic careers.

Thirty years of community art programming hasn’t just produced a calendar of exhibitions, events, and workshops. It has fostered a community around art—where long-time patrons, casual visitors, and members of our community with concerns altogether outside the arts, can come together to experience new ideas and meet the challenge of understanding one another through artistic means.

Help bring Works home to South First Street. Works needs your help now to recuperate $30,000 used to prepare the building for exhibitions. While much has been accomplished, gallery walls, office spaces, classroom equipment, and the artist-in-residence studio all await funding for completion.

As part of the annual Music and Arts Campaign, we are presently one-third of the way to $30,000 that is needed now to make up this funding shortfall. One of our two part-time employees has taken leave, and the other is working without pay to hold Works until we can make up this gap. Closing this gap now allows Works to retain the essential Gallery Coordinator position, and will help move the organization toward the future with your stable support. Please contribute $100 or more now, but any amount will help, and there are gifts and rewards for larger amounts.

This Friday Works opens eXact-O!—the first community curator exhibition in its new home. Please come from 7pm till late to be amazed by the art, and to show your support for challenging art and performance in San José. See you soon at Works!

to donate now:

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Works/San José on KQED Gallery Crawl

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2007-07-27 – New Music Night at Works/San José

We have a spectacular show lined up for New Music Night, tomorrow (july 27th, 2007) at Works/San José!
7pm - Dajis
8pm - Polly Moller
9pm - Kioku

$5 at the door, $3 for students, No one turned away for lack of funds. Please come down and experience what Works/San José is bringing to your community!

Works Nmn 0707-1

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3 hours with the iPhone

I’ve been pushing the iPhone through it’s paces all morning, and what I’ve noticed is that when I come back to my mac, I feel like I’m using a supercomputer. And it’s not because the phone feels crippled in any way, it’s because it just feels like a mac. Only when I come back and use my mac, I feel like I’m having the same experience as my iPhone, only a lot more of it. They feel like the same experience, only in different sizes.


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Living in paintings

Holy crap!!

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New Kit! USBtinyISP, a USB AVR programmer

New Kit! USBtinyISP, a USB AVR programmer:

Summer means tank-tops, air-conditioner installation and new kits!

This kit is something I’ve wanted for a while. Its an all-through-hole USB AVR programmer for under $20, with both 6 and 10 pin cables and a jumper for powering the target board from the USB hub’s 5V power. It can also be used with SpokePOV kits to upload images and configuration (finally!)

I’ve had a bunch out there in the wild for a few weeks so I’m feeling comfy with an official release.
Check out the deets at the USBtinyISP page

A simple open-source USB AVR programmer and SPI interface. It is low cost, easy to make, works great with avrdude, is AVRStudio-compatible and tested under Windows and MacOS X. Perfect for students and beginners, or as a backup programmer.

The project is based off of the USBtiny code & design. The main improvements are: adjusting the code to allow it to act as a SpokePOV interface, adding lowlevel bitbang commands, and addition of a “USB good” LED. Other changes are new VID/PID (to make it official), removing some of the commands, and moving around the pins a bit.

You can build this design using the schematic and firmware, or buy a kit from the Adafruit webshop. Having a full kit available solves the “chicken & egg” problem of purchasing or building a USB programmer that then needs a programmer of some sort to ‘kick start’. (See USBasp, AVRdoper, USBprog)

All the firmware code is distributed under the GPL, the hardware design layout files are CC 2.5 Attrib./Share-alike

Lada Ada has released her AVR programmer box! Sweet!

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