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EOM Sessions Online Radio Tonight – 3/29/07

El Otro Mundo presents EOM Sessions online radio show every Thursday from 6pm - 10pm PST on Tonight’s guest DJ will be UCHU. Check it out!

Maker Faire 2007: Making things in Second Life

I’m doubling up. In addition to our PD/OSC/Processing/Quartz Composer session, I’ll also be doing at least one session on how to build things in Second Life. There’s a possibility that I’ll be doing multiple sessions, so I may get to go into some scripting in addition to covering the basics of building. Depending on conditions, I may present some comparisons to Google’s SketchUp. Anyway, I hope to see you there!

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Maker Faire 2007 – PD / OSC / Processing / Quartz Composer

Derek Scott and myself (Steve Cooley) will be presenting our findings on “Making DIY music tools control DIY visuals” at the Maker Faire, 2007. We’ll be showing a combination of Pure Data (PD), Open Sound Control (OSC), Processing, and Quartz Composer. Hope to see you there!

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Steve Cooley live painting 4/20/2007

I’ll be doing a painting live on Friday april 20th, 2007 at the Avalon in Santa Clara, along with a bunch of super talented artists. Come check it out if you’re in the area. :)


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Steve Cooley presenting new programmatic visuals

Hey, I’m going to be doing an exhibit of new work in Oakland this saturday night. Jono is also playing a live electronic music set and will be the official photographer of the night. Below is the info:


March 24th 07
Bay Area Collective Designers

2639 E.9th St, Oakland CA, 94601
Arrive early for good parking!
$8 before 11pm, $10 after


Who the hell is that crying girl shown on camera like 28 times during Sanjaya’s performance?!? Ashley. Ooooohkay. So, that’s what being michael jackson is like, huh? Wowzers.

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Flash Memory + Car Stereo = Better

Most people love listening to music while driving in their cars. Many of those folks like to listen to their own music collection. It wasn’t that long ago when the only way to have a large selection of music on hand was to keep a CD book in the car. Though it was handy, it wasn’t the best solution if you’re driving alone (try flipping through a 100+ disc CD book while driving a manual transmission vehicle around town). Not to mention if your car was ever broken into, you could potentially lose your entire CD collection…unless you took the time to fill your CD book with copies instead of the original discs. Car stereo manufactures have come to the rescue in the last few years with auxiliary jacks which allow you to plug in portable media players, such as iPods. I don’t know how you all feel about this, but I for one am quite tired of having a wire hanging from my dashboard. I know the manufacturers mean well, but this solution is not much different than the cassette tape adapters many of us used to use to hook up portable CD players in the 90s.

Luckily, the manufacturers didn’t stop there. There is a growing number of MP3-capable car stereos (and car multimedia systems) that now come with built-in USB ports or SD card slots. No more wires! Just hop in your ride, pop in your storage device and enjoy weeks of music without swapping discs. This is exactly what we music-loving motorists need in this day and age of downloadable music. No matter if you get your music from iTunes, Beatport, a podcast, a netlabel or if you’ve converted your vinyl records and CDs to digital files yourself, you can dump it all onto a USB flash drive or SD card easily. A handful of USB-enabled stereos also support direct connection to portable media players (like the iPod). Even though that does bring back the dreaded wire, it might make sense to those who have a portable media player, that actively use it when not driving, and don’t want to invest in flash memory. But an important point to bring up is flash media is becoming cheaper and cheaper. I recently purchased a 2GB USB flash drive at a local electronics store for $45, and it came with a $20 rebate offer. Taking a look on sites like, I see 2GB SD cards and USB drives for less than $20. 8GB sizes of either one can be found for less than $90 too. Not bad if you ask me.

The prices of the stereos themselves range from $100 to about $1000 depending on how fancy the deck is, with most of the expensive ones being multimedia systems (DVD playback, retractable LCD screens, etc). My favorite so far is the JVC KD-G820 because of its excellent graphical parametric equalizer, but they have a new model I want to check out which supports both types of flash memory. You can also get flash memory-capable stereos by Sony, Kenwood and Clarion. These manufacturers and others also offer rear-mounted USB ports in case you want to add a USB port elsewhere on your dashboard or console.

So instead of dealing with an obstructive wire hanging from your deck or burning a CD (or DVD) whenever you get new music (like I did, then end up with several unlabeled discs littering the back seat of the car), do yourself a favor and get a stereo made for the 21st century lifestyle.

3rd place

I won third place in Heart of Chaos’ “Work and Play” show in the juried portion of the show. :) I’m just now realizing that I was in such a rush to get my work done that I didn’t take any final photos of the pieces… so I’ll post them when I get them back in a month.

Second Life: John Edwards assaulted by poo-slinging communists

Second Life: John Edwards assaulted by poo-slinging communists:
Xeni Jardin:

John Brownlee of the Wired blog Table of Malcontents says,

John Edwards’ Blog has a wonderful account up about how their Second Life headquarters was defaced with “Marxist/Leninist posters and slogans, a feces spewing obsenity, and a photoshopped picture of John in blackface.” John Edwards’ is apparently working with Linden Labs now to figure out the perps. I love it, especially the shrill, self-righteous tone of the post: they just can’t believe it, which is a riot. You see countless news stories about this, over and over again: the sorry gray drones of political parties or corporations rushing to establish a presence in Second Life because it’s the thing to do, only to find themselves staring in horror directly into the collective of the Internet’s soul.

Link. (thanks, Howard Rheingold!)

This story isn’t about second life. It’s about politicians not controlling their branding and marketing.

Let’s list the Edwards ’08 campaign’s errors here:

  • allowed a non-official entity to create a presence in-world. Ok, that’s fine. Fair use, tribute, blah blah blah.
  • allowed an unofficial presence to continue to represent you and persist in-world, at all
  • Allowed an unofficial presence to persist on a shared piece of land
  • Failed to limit visitor privileges at your unofficial presence
  • Did not get a private island to host an official presence

Of course feces slinging marxists are going to show up… duh. This isn’t an issue of Second Life being a bad platform for politicians, to the contrary, it’s probably one of the best places a politician could set up shop to get the word out. It’s a great place to let disconnected people find connections to other people who share their interests. However, if you plan to come to second life for a popularity contest, don’t do it unless you know what you’re doing. Second life isn’t “Utopian life”.

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