DIY iSight Tripod Mount

Well, as you may know I like to shoot a timelapse video now and then…  I’ve been using an earlier version of this iSight tripod mount for about a year, so today I thought I’d share the new and improved version:

Isight Tripod Bracket2 Isight Tripod Bracket1

It consists of a couple of pieces of hardwood braced at a 90 degree angle…  I have one piece of wood with two holes in it (the mounting plate), and then a piece of wood that is 90 degrees to the mounting plate for the iSight bracket to grab on to, and then two triangles (with the corners cut off)…

Isight Tripod Bracket4

On the mounting plate, I drilled a hole slightly smaller than the mounting screw on the tripod.  The idea was to make the hole small enough for the screw to bite into, and then force it into cutting the mating grooves into the wood.  The second hole is for the little pop up doodad to help with  alignment.  If your tripod doesn’t have this, it probably isn’t making sense, and it’s probably nothing to worry about anyway. Just screw the mounting plate down nice and tight, and you’ll be in good shape.

Isight Tripod Bracket3Isight Tripod Bracket5

I got to thinking that if you turn the iSight bracket around the other way, that mould make it easier to adjust the camera if you were recording something like woodworking, or sewing, or what-have-you. I think I’ll probably end up leaving it like this.

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