A modest proposal for Netflix:

What’s up with these companies with their cool ideas but archaic user experiences? We love netflix. R and I have one netflix account that we both log into and throw movies on our queue. I should really have my own account, but so should R. But we should be linked up so that our queue is only set to one household. We should both be able to add movies and equitably get to watch the movies we put on the queue. The formula could be pretty simple:

“I’m going to put about 10000 movies in my queue. You better do the same, otherwise, we’re going to watch all the movies I want to watch. When we both have movies in our own queues, netflix should flip flop between our queues. When there’s a movie on both of our queues, it gets eliminated from the list of the person who had it further down their queue. That way, we both get to watch an equal number of movies we want to, and we can track back who put this awful movie on our queue. :)”

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