Clubs in SL sucking all the server resources

I posted this to the forums in a discussion about how it sucks that clubs that basically create an annoyance of server lag due to their popularity. As usual, a few users dominated the conversation with a flamewar.

You know what we need is a CLUB SIM.. where it’s a.. well, a lot like real life.

in real life:
When you throw a weekly event, you’re usually throwing it at a club or bar somewhere.. Somewhere the community as a whole agrees is a good and un-annoying place for one. You go in, put up your day glow crap and black lights, set up your turntables and speakers, and handle promotion.

Usually what you get back from this venture is a percentage of the bar take. Or you have to pay for the space for the night. Or the bar/club gets a percentage of your cover charge take at the door.

So, what’s the analogy for second life? So far it’s mirroring real life. People down your street want to throw a party every week, and they’re attracting a lot of people and making (not a lot of noise, but) an annoyance to you in the form of server lag and access problems.

What if we had a sim specifically for clubs? Or any event where you’re drawing a huge crowd and you’re not a majority land owner in your sim.

As LL, you could auction off primetime slots. Fast fast fast club server time slots for what.. 0 event L dollars to start off with. Instead of the $500 for you and $500 to raffle off, you forfeit that as your fee for the fast club sim.

If it were a situation where you had to swoop in and set up shop the night of your event, so much the better because it would make you as the event planner better at being efficient about how your club is constructed. If you’re not in it for the money of throwing an event, and dwell is apparently a non-issue as far as bonuses go, then that justifies you having your slot machines and texture shops and model searches and violence events.. or whatever it is that you do to make money.

If you have these events in one sim, it’s in a predictable location for people to go to so you get “contact marketing” like Bourbon Street in New orleans, and.. it keeps the lag outta the backyard of people who don’t want you there.

Of course that means regulation on the part of LL.. and that costs administration dollars and generally looks like censorship. “you can’t have a club here. it’s against the rules” .. and someone will get pissed and say “facists!!” probably.

oh well.. the search continues.

and basically where the conversation ended was that the general populis wants basic things (sex, violence, gambling), and solving problems with your head is too hard.

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