Boing Boing is wrong on itunes

The new iTunes has stricter DRM than the last version, limiting the number of times you can burn your playlists to seven (it used to be ten), and detecting and blocking similar playlists. Jason Schultz has some good ranty analysis about what this means:

So after one year and 70 million songs, $0.99 now buys you less rather than more — seven hard burns instead of ten soft ones. What will Apple “allow” us to do with the music we “buy” next year? three burns? one? zero?

And what about the songs you’ve already bought? Don’t we get to keep the rights we had before the change?

Well, Apple has conveniently reserved its rights to make changes — unilaterially — to its DRM and your ability to make fair use via its Terms of Service and Terms of Sale pretty much anytime it pleases, without even having to give you notice.

Link [Boing Boing Blog]

Blah blah blah about the CD thing. Who gives a rats ass about the CDs?? You GAINED 2 computers to share your music with!! Since I got my iPod almost a year ago, the CD issue is COMPLETELY MOOT. I did burn a couple of CDs for a friend who does not use computers all day long like I do. But, I gave up on CDs about 3 years ago, and I know I’m not alone.

SERIOUSLY… you sound like you’re saying that Apple is preventing you from making wax drum replications. It’s insanely easy to circumvent the DRM if you’re sufficiently motivated. If you’re still too lazy to hack, and too eager to bitch about iTunes, Go walk across the street to Napster or music match or BuyMusic or or Sony or Walmart music, Spend your fucking money there, and see if your rights are nearly as good with their services.

I’m so tired of hearing this crap from smart people! Music sharing through computers is obviously the future, and apple is working towards giving you MORE freedoms there. Maybe it won’t be your iPod, maybe it’ll be your phone that you can authorize, who knows, but you’re gonna want more computers to authorize, and care less about your archaic plastic media format.

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