[Obvious] Fark.com are right wing agenda pushers

[Obvious] Today’s Kerry flip-flop brought to you by Meet The Press and

it makes me sad to stop going to fark. Fark was funny. Fark was amusing. The editors of fark should have realized sooner that political stories don’t attract all kinds of people, just the ones that are aligned with your views. Fark, as a business, alienates it’s visitors by applying insulting tags to stories it aggregates… It’s not news, it’s fark.. right, I get that. Well, fark off, enjoy your right wing promoting business. karmaloop, you are being dis-served by this venue. My blog, is a blog, with no advertising on it currently, so I enjoy the freedom to speak my mind about my political views without fear of a loss of revenue from losing advertisers. It’s different for me than fark.

unsubscribe -> fark.com

it’s just too obvious anymore, it’s not unbiased, and it’s a waste of energy to ignore that fact anymore

maybe see you after the election.

update: True, I do have advertising now. That’s a new development since I originally wrote this article. So, does it make Fark.com any less biased than me? No. Now we’re on the same playing field, I guess. It’s the “Hero” tag given to stories about all the things GWB does. How is that not biased?

update 2: Wow, someone must have found my article and alerted the total fark crowd, because I got 4 finely crafted intellectual comments so far. Well Done! You sure have solved all the problems with our country by calling me a “Moran” and a “Pussy” … Way to use the brain cells you were given. In fact, by coming here and “representing” you’ve only reconfirmed my suspicions about who the majority of Fark visitors are, so.. how do you like that? Probably not much, I’m guessing. Sigh.. oh well, thanks for taking the time to show off your firm grasp of the American Spirit. If you can’t debate with ’em, call ’em names. Or, how about “What you don’t agree with, shoot”, huh. Where’s my flag?

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