godsend: no quicktime trailers

I got news of this from a brief NPR segment. Look closely at this site (about cloning). Pay particular attention to the “Testimonials” section. After you take it all in, sit back, take a breath and realize this is a new marketing technique to promote an upcoming movie. So the question remains, how well will this work. Will people who have family members think it’s funny when they contact this “company” for more info, only to find out “Thanks for your interest. the movie opens in 2005”? Think I’m being irrational? Go to Google and search for cloning…look at the very top sponsored link.

[ Wow. That’s remarkable. I quite probably would’ve called bullshit on the claims they make, but it certainly doesn’t trigger my “movie ad” recognition at all. I guess the question is, how effective is an advertisment that doesn’t reveal the product being advertised?

The Resident Evil 2 trailer pulls a similar thing to start with, playing like an ad for a rejuvenating cream, but it reveals itself towards the end. I think it’s really a good ad, but that’s because of the, “What? Rujivawhat? OHHHH… ” factor. I don’t see the revelation part here, which is what i think solidifies the interest.

EDIT: For those who wish to domolish the illusion, here’s the official site : http://www.godsendthemovie.com/

It appears the movie will be released shortly, like, 10 days. I’ve seen 0 ads.

There are trailers available there, of course. Interestingly, once you know who plays Dr. Wells, you can recognize him, even in the small pix on the fake institute site, though i’d be impressed if anyone could call it without knowing.

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More interesting to me is that they have no quicktime trailers. WMV and Real only. Maybe the reason you have heard nothing about this movie is because they aren’t promoting in the right place.

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