Tune recycler?

TuneRecycler uses unwanted Pepsi/iTunes Store winning codes and spends them on indie bands available through the iTunes Music Store.

“When you buy major label music on iTunes,” Wilson explained, “the musician usually gets nothing, because they’re in perpetual debt to their label until they sell more than 500,000 CDs. And at best they only get 8-14 cents on a $1.00 song. We want to get some of Pepsi’s money going to actual musicians, not just record label CEOs and RIAA lawyers.”

Link [Boing Boing Blog]

I keep seeing this posted around and around. Exactly how are they going to do this? It sounds like they’re just saying “Hey, if you don’t want that free song and aren’t going to use it, give it to me, and I’ll use it, then the artist will at least get some money from somebody using the code.” Which is… brilliant if you were the person who came up with that scheme. But otherwise, do you really think Pepsi is going to talk to you if you collect 0.05%, 0.5%, heck 5% (5 million winning caps? 5 million people saying “no thanks, free digital music ain’t for me”??) of the winning caps and say “Distribute this song-cash equivalent to the artists!”… it’s flawed logic. A nice idea, but hey, how about this idea… Don’t fucking sign up as an artist under one of said evil record labels. It’s not like they were born into slavery and need emancipating. Signing on the dotted line is just like signing any legally binding contract. You sign away rights in exchange for services. The best thing you can do with a winning pepsi cap is use it so that the independent labels get a share of that free publicity, and as the doors gradually open to completely independent artists being able to get into iTunes, said evil record labels will have no place on this planet anymore. Just don’t waste your winning cap on a fucking britney spears single for pete’s sake. There’s a lot of independent label stuff up there now. Do some homework and apply the power you’re given towards being part of the revolution. Record labels only have power if you keep giving them your money.

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