GWB in the bay area…

Ya know, the president is going to be landing at SFO soon, to hold a $2000 per plate lunch, to contribute to his re-election fund. Easily, it’s going to net him a million dollars. However, let’s think of the costs involved to allow him to do this… Air force one, must cost several hundred thousand dollars to fly anywhere, let alone all the way out to california. There’s all the security detail, surely costing several hundred thousand dollars per location. The location of the actual event with full catering, for 5k people, plus staff, 100k… (but it’s “comped”, surely.) They’re closing highway offramps and causing a huge traffic jam all up and down the 101, translate that into lost productivity and wages, maybe another 100k or more…

so, what I’m getting at is that for the president to come and give a lunch you and I would never go to or even be able to afford to go to, it’s going to cost a lot of money that comes out of our wages and taxes, and it all goes into the president’s pocket for free… on our dime.

I propose a new presidential system where you can only ever serve one term contiguously, but you can run for re-election as many every-other-election cycles as you want. If you have great ideas and we all love you, give someone else a shot, and take a breather. Do your effing job without spending anyof your time on the clock trying to get people to give you money for your reelection campaign. If you’re so good, come back in 4 years and prove it… but don’t waste my tax dollars on your politcal career.

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