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Why I hate the radio

Poor sorely missed way back in 1999 posted the answer to the question Why does all the music coming out of my radio suck so badly?

Find your own music. Embrace quirky music. hey, MAKE your own music, huh? That’ll teach you to appreciate good production skills. More old beck, more Wesley Willis, more uberzone, more mister scruff, more omni trio, more fuck, who’s new? Who’s been doing it for 10 years and never been “POPULAR” ?

When i listen to the radio (with the exception of npr and KCSM jazz radio) I feel like I’m reading spam. For me, music is art, music is a message. When i listen to the radio, I don’t hear anything. I hear anti-meaningful sounds. I hear things that in the context of hearing the actual songwriter playing their own instruments and using their own talents would be fine, but in the context of corporate-chosen “hits” that instantaneously appear on every single major and minor demographic market in the entire country… it makes me want to puke. What’s the point of popularizing and completely overplaying songs ad naseum?

Am I the only one who feels like punching the speakers when i hear that damn Jewel country-drum machine song for the third and fourth time in one day?? Attention CLEAR CHANNEL MEDIA!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP already with that song!!!! You’re making me want to start my own regional campaign to boycott you!

to r:
I’m sorry, honey, i know you like that song a lot, and I know you like to sing, and you should listen to what you like, but I have to come clean on this track… I can’t stand to hear it anymore. It drives me nuts. If that song’s so good, buy the album, and listen to that instead?

ok, that’s enough ranting about radio-corporate-rock.. man, that’s been bugging me for a long time.

“If they say “bite the big weenie” Don’t do it!” – oingo boingo

“rock and roll’s one foot in the grave” used in a breakbeat track i owned once… who was that? if you know, post a comment… the sample is suspectedly taken from Apocalypse Now… thanks to Ed Gonzalez for the fine article on that movie.

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Getaway Planner

Another product of our increasingly stressful and action-packed world we live in: R an I are going to design a getaway planner page to do the following:

* line up a dozen or more events in the future
* reorder events in the cue to shuffle events around
* pin an event to a calendar month
* back out from event dates to help plan logistics
* send out email reminders to us to remind about tasks to be completed
* password protected entrance

Ok, so it ain’t high on the spontineity scale, but say hello to fair and equitable distribution of work towards balanced event planning for couples. More details to come.

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PVR on linux

I feel like a putz for posting this so soon after learning of the birth of Jackson.. Hey, champ, I’m a big nerd… but I got lots of cool toys to play with when you get older!

As you are experiencing your first few hours out here, some fine folks in Germany are letting us use Linux to record TV shows which won’t be a big deal by the time you’re old enough to start hacking… God only knows what’s gonna be cool to tweak on when you’re a teenager. :) I can’t wait to find out, too! Hopefully by then I’ll be a good enough programmer to keep up with you.

Welcome… to the real world, dood!!

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friedtal (3:43 PM): congratulation uncle
kboycatnip (3:43 PM): do you know something i don’t?
friedtal (3:44 PM): are you not going to be an uncle in the next few days?
kboycatnip (3:44 PM): ah, whew..
kboycatnip (3:44 PM): ok, yeah, I am
fried tal (3:44 PM): isn’t Paullette due like yesterday?
kboycatnip (3:44 PM): I left my phone at home…
fried tal (3:44 PM): call your brother
kboycatnip (3:45 PM): deeje oh shit!
fried tal (3:45 PM): on his cell
fried tal (3:45 PM): deeje what?
kboycatnip (3:45 PM): OH SHIT@
kboycatnip (3:45 PM): ok, Thanks!
kboycatnip (3:45 PM): yeah, she had a boy!
fried tal (3:45 PM): yes
fried tal (3:45 PM): she did
fried tal (3:45 PM): yes I did know cause he called
fried tal (3:45 PM): sorry to blow it for you
kboycatnip (3:45 PM): Dangit!!!
kboycatnip (3:46 PM): nah, s’cool
kboycatnip (3:46 PM): thanks for telling me!!
fried tal (3:46 PM): uncle man
kboycatnip (3:46 PM): wow!
kboycatnip (3:46 PM): Cool!!
fried tal (3:46 PM): yes it is
kboycatnip (3:56 PM): Yay! thanks, Tal… I woulda felt really lame if I didn’t find out til later tonight!
friedtal (3:58 PM): again congratulation
friedtal (3:58 PM): talk to you soon

kboycatnip (3:45 PM): OH SHIT
kboycatnip (3:45 PM): NEPHEW!!!!!!!
coconut grooves (3:45 PM): what?
coconut grooves (3:45 PM): yeah
kboycatnip (3:45 PM): SHE HAD THE BABY@
coconut grooves (3:45 PM): what!
coconut grooves (3:45 PM): oh my goodenss
coconut grooves (3:45 PM): wow!
kboycatnip (3:45 PM): SHE HAD tHE BABY!!
coconut grooves (3:45 PM): that was fast!
coconut grooves (3:45 PM): let’s go tonight!
coconut grooves (3:45 PM): wow!
coconut grooves (3:45 PM): yay
kboycatnip (3:46 PM): ok, yeah, if they want that, yeah
coconut grooves (3:46 PM): did he call
coconut grooves (3:46 PM): I’m calling youright now
kboycatnip (3:46 PM): no phone
coconut grooves (3:46 PM): not home
coconut grooves (3:46 PM): ok
kboycatnip (3:46 PM): ! that’s why I didn’t find out till now
coconut grooves (3:46 PM): oh no!
coconut grooves (3:46 PM): 
coconut grooves (3:47 PM): do you have an email
coconut grooves (3:47 PM): call me
kboycatnip (3:47 PM): ok, hang
coconut grooves (3:47 PM): or call him!
kboycatnip (3:47 PM): on, with deeje now
coconut grooves (3:47 PM): eehhhh!
coconut grooves (3:47 PM): wow!
coconut grooves (3:47 PM): on phone?
kboycatnip (3:47 PM): yeah
coconut grooves (3:47 PM): yay!
coconut grooves (3:47 PM): everyone is healthy???
coconut grooves (3:47 PM): happy??
coconut grooves (3:47 PM): yay!
kboycatnip (3:47 PM): sounds like it!
coconut grooves (3:47 PM): tell him I say CONGRATULATIONS!
kboycatnip (3:47 PM): ok
coconut grooves (3:47 PM): this is so exciting!
coconut grooves (3:48 PM): I wish I could be there with you
kboycatnip (3:48 PM): Jackson Cooley
coconut grooves (3:48 PM): when did she have him?
coconut grooves (3:48 PM): what’s ohhhh!
kboycatnip (3:48 PM): 10:30AM
coconut grooves (3:48 PM): soooo cute!
coconut grooves (3:48 PM): jackson! I love that!
coconut grooves (3:48 PM): 10.30! oh my gosh!
coconut grooves (3:48 PM): I guess you would have had trouble focusing at Pearson had you known
coconut grooves (3:48 PM): yay!
coconut grooves (3:49 PM): how many lbs?
coconut grooves (3:49 PM): did she have a cesarian?
kboycatnip (3:49 PM): ok, hang on
coconut grooves (3:49 PM): induced?
coconut grooves (3:49 PM): did it hurt?
coconut grooves (3:49 PM): did she scream?
coconut grooves (3:49 PM): ajjjjjhhhh!
coconut grooves (3:49 PM): so funny cuz I’ve been having baby thoughts all day too
kboycatnip (3:49 PM): 6lbs 8ozs
coconut grooves (3:49 PM): little jackson ohhhh!
coconut grooves (3:49 PM): I can’t wait to see him!
coconut grooves (3:50 PM): you’re an uncle
coconut grooves (3:50 PM): perfect size!
coconut grooves (3:50 PM): how long was the labor?
coconut grooves (3:50 PM): when did her water break?
coconut grooves (3:50 PM): a new little life all ready to go now!
coconut grooves (3:50 PM): I’m so happy!
coconut grooves (3:51 PM): congratulations to both Deeje and Paulette!
coconut grooves (3:51 PM): good job!
coconut grooves (3:51 PM): and just like that – they’re parents!
coconut grooves (3:51 PM): shoot!
coconut grooves (3:51 PM): Congratulations Uncle Stevie
kboycatnip (3:52 PM): thanks!
kboycatnip (3:56 PM): Yay!
coconut grooves (3:56 PM): still on the phone?
kboycatnip (3:56 PM): no, off just now
coconut grooves (3:56 PM): can you call me?
kboycatnip (3:56 PM): ok, he said tomorrow evening would be better
kboycatnip (3:56 PM): ok

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